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Fine Art Photography

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Fine Art Photography

This approach to photography is accomplished to advance the vision –perspective, emotions, and mood – of the artist as a photographer while exercising his or her subjective intent. It usually encompasses the use of:

• Professional camera equipment using large sensor size to capture as much detail as possible with excellent resolution, high quality lenses, a tripod and remote release for stability when shooting landscapes, and selected filters, among other considerations. Most fine art photography is planned; i. e., sunrise, sunset, nightscape, weather systems, lightning, etc., what some in the industry refer to as “produced photography or imagery.”
• Merging two or more images taken at different exposure valuations (EVs), which is often utilized to enhance contrast and exposure in a final image. This process is referred to as HDR – High Dynamic Range. Focus stacking, what I refer to as HFR – High Focal Range – may also be utilized.
• Post processing, employing methods and several different software programs to reduce noise and to optimize vibrancy, colors, contrast, exposure, definition, sharpness, and address related considerations.
• Professional printing that incorporates the latest technology, in tandem with: high quality paper, canvas, metal, or other medium; excellent quality ink; and printers that have multiple ink dispersals for the highest quality of colors and tonal ranges.
• Framing, when used, is of the highest quality, many times using multiple mattes to better highlight a work of art and often using glare free, museum quality, glass.

The objective of fine art photography is to present the artist’s work in the manner in which he or she perceived it through superb capture of an image, or images when merged, together with desired editing, while incorporating the best available means of presentation: printing; formatting (paper or canvas print, metal, glass, etc.); and exhibiting.